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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Nonprofit Website

Sarah Henry October 08, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Think of your website as a store. When you walk inside, you should feel safe and comfortable in a reputable establishment, one that’s well-maintained, provides a delightful, frictionless experience, and is responsive to the customer’s needs. Without these things, you won’t be spending your time or money inside. Donors and constituents of your[…]

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How Good Design Leads to More Donations

William Schmidt September 21, 2017, by William Schmidt

As today’s websites continue to heighten the standard for good design, peoples’ expectations of your own site and campaign pages are raised just as high. It’s essential for your organization to not only meet this new standard of excellence, but to truly “wow” your supporters with well-designed materials.

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How to Fund Your Nonprofit Website

Sara Lowe September 07, 2017, by Sara Lowe

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This post was updated from a previous post from June 2016 by Becca Bloch. 

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What Actually Is Google AMP And How Does It Work?

Stefanie Pous November 23, 2016, by Stefanie Pous

Just over a year ago, Google launched a new project called Google AMP, or accelerated mobile pages. These are pages that are mobile-optimized using a highly specific formula and are created to “load instantly everywhere.”

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5 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit Website More Powerful (& Recruit More Supporters)

Tina Jepson October 28, 2016, by Tina Jepson

By Tina Jepson // Learning & Education Team at CauseVox

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