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The Anatomy of a Nonprofit About Us Page

Sarah Henry July 24, 2019, by Sarah Henry

When it comes to writing an About Us page for your nonprofit, there are no steadfast rules. However, there are some essential guidelines that must be followed in order to remain consistent with your visitor’s expectations. But where do you even start? The About Us page is essential for the one thing that nonprofits need most: building trust. When[…]

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Top 4 Ways to Increase Fundraising Page Conversions

Adam Weinger July 16, 2019, by Adam Weinger

An effective online fundraising page is crucial to the success of your nonprofit’s fundraising campaign as a whole. It might be all too easy to focus all of your team’s efforts on planning fundraising events and email campaigns, but you can’t overlook the importance of an effective online fundraising page¹. 

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3 Ways to Ensure Donor Database and Online Donation Page Harmony

Steven Shattuck July 30, 2018, by Steven Shattuck

On average, retention rates are lower through online channels that offline.

One reason for this could be a lack of seamlessness between online donation pages and the donor databases that constituent info is fed into. Not only can it give the donor a bad experience, but it can also create a lot of work for the fundraiser.

Here are three tips for ensuring[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Interior Pages

Emma Wolfe July 17, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

So we’ve talked homepages and donation experiences, but there's so much more to your website! How do you keep your visitors interested after you've initially caught their eye? Today we are breaking down a couple different interior pages (and elements), with examples of course. We will cover Impact, About Us, Bio, Challenge and a bonus section on a rad[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Donation Page

Emma Wolfe July 10, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

In the second piece of our three-part “anatomy of” series, we are going to talk donation pages and overall donation experience. I know that a lot of your are hanging off the end of your seat in order to learn about what makes the “perfect donation” experience that gets your organization more dollar bills. Here’s the thing, the nicest and most effective[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Homepage

Emma Wolfe July 03, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Nonprofit websites are fundamentally different than their business counterparts. They are multifaceted and serve many different purposes from donation to events’ calendars and even to volunteer information and program resources. With this in mind, however, the anatomy of a nonprofit’s homepage and plethora of interior pages are going to look completely[…]

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How to Write Copy for Your Nonprofit's Website

Emma Wolfe June 11, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

So you’ve finally gotten the funds to update your nonprofit’s website. You have picked a vendor for design and are ready to go, but wait, content. Your vendor asks you about the state of your nonprofit’s written content and you panic. You have to edit multiple pages of your old website and even add some new ones but you don’t know anything about writing[…]

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4 Benefits of Good UX for Your Nonprofit Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sara Lowe August 09, 2017, by Sara Lowe

So you’ve decided to get a new website for your nonprofit. How in the world do you get started? How do you decide what to do first, how to organize your content, what style to use, or whether you should change your logo?

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7 Nonprofit Website Strategies from the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Hillary Skeffington October 05, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington

The 2016 Presidential campaign is in full swing as Democratic and Republican primary debates start to pick up and hopefuls launch their campaigns. We always hear about how difficult running a presidential campaign can prove to be. Candidates must develop their campaign which includes building a platform, choosing a slogan, designing a logo, etc. From[…]

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