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Nonprofit Communications Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ronita Mohan June 30, 2020, by Ronita Mohan

A strong nonprofit communication strategy helps build a loyal client base, improve revenue generation, and power the organization towards steady growth.

We share a step-by-step guide on how to create a communications strategy for nonprofits that will make the process easier for all teams involved.

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Nonprofit Community Growth 101: Simple Ways to Increase Engagement

Chloe Bellows May 20, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

Here at Elevation, we often get questions from clients looking to develop a successful online presence and seeking community outreach ideas for nonprofits. Understandably, the world of social media, technology, and hashtags can be a little overwhelming, especially to the uninitiated, or if your nonprofit doesn’t have a specialist dedicated to this work.[…]

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12 Organizations Leading Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

Chloe Bellows April 14, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

Who is at the forefront of digital marketing for nonprofits? Our list of some of today's leading organizations explores what makes their nonprofit marketing plans so effective. Whether you need to increase your organization’s visibility online, seek inspiration for your nonprofit advertising, or are looking for fresh marketing ideas for nonprofits, check[…]

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6 Nonprofit Storytelling Tips to Multiply the Impact of Your Charitable Marketing Strategy

Chloe Bellows March 23, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

Why are stories so powerful? Humans have been telling stories for much longer than we have been writing them down. We are hardwired not only to tell our own stories, but also to be drawn to the stories of others. It is through stories that we understand new contexts, relate to one another, solidify our learning, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy[…]

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What You Can Learn from 6 *Brilliant* Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Chloe Bellows March 10, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

We’re sharing a retrospective of some of our favorite marketing ideas for nonprofits from 2019 (plus a sneak peak at an amazing example of digital marketing for nonprofits from this year!). If you need help with your nonprofit marketing strategy, start by taking a moment to check out the campaigns and videos below. You’ll likely be moved to support these[…]

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[UPDATED 2020] 8 Awesome Nonprofit CRM Options for Your Organization

Sara Lowe March 03, 2020, by Sara Lowe

This post updates an article from September 2017. 

Your organization should be using a CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, to simplify some of the administrative demands. With a large number of people in your network, you can’t get by without a way to keep track of all of them. Especially as a nonprofit, keeping an accurate and updated record of your[…]

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Beyond the NGO “About Us” Page: Writing Compelling Website Content

Chloe Bellows February 10, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

When was the last time a piece of NGO content moved you? What about it was compelling? Whether it came in the form of an email, a Facebook post, or a website homepage, chances are it told a story and involved real people. Something about it made you care, and made you feel connected. The best nonprofit content marketing and storytelling can freeze time,[…]

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The Nonprofit Guide to UTM Parameters and Campaign Tracking

Erin Mastrantonio September 24, 2019, by Erin Mastrantonio

How did this month’s newsletter do compared to last month’s in terms of generating traffic - including potential donors - to your website? Do you know what percentage of your donations originated from that email campaign you sent last week? 

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How to Write a Timeless Nonprofit Mission Statement

Lauren Uhl September 10, 2019, by Lauren Uhl

Consider your nonprofit like a house. While your beneficiaries are enjoying the house from the inside, your sponsors and partners are helping renovate the house, your marketing/communications team are enhancing the exterior, and the rest of your team is making sure the house is functional and the beneficiaries are uplifted. This is a remarkable group[…]

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20 Effective Nonprofit Mission Statements [Updated 2019]

Sarah Henry August 14, 2019, by Sarah Henry

This post updates a 2015 article.

Your nonprofit mission statement is the core that defines the purpose of your organization. It's the first thing people mention when they're writing about you, or on a listing of your organization on sites like Guidestar. Your mission is a cohesive statement that describes what you do and why you exist.

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