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Nonprofit COVID-19 Resource List

Chloe Bellows May 05, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

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Apart from the significant health concerns we are living with (and the new organizational challenges of full-time living, working and parenting at home), many individuals and NGOs find themselves faced with a constantly-evolving, complicated economic situation. These are unprecedented and unnerving times, to say[…]

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Turning Advocates into Donors: 5 Strategies You Need to Try

Gerard Tonti April 20, 2020, by Gerard Tonti

When it comes to nonprofit advocacy, your organization is in it for the long haul. You may not expect to see results from your advocacy campaign right away. But with persistence, passion, and patience, you can make a huge difference. 

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5 Online Fundraising Obstacles and How to Avoid Them

Steven Shattuck March 30, 2020, by Steven Shattuck

New challenges arise as technological advancements have changed how nonprofits collect donations. For instance, nonprofits needed to adjust their strategies as new technology emerged around peer-to-peer fundraising, online giving, and crowdfunding. Changing technology adds a new obstacle on top of the traditional fundraising challenges that organizations[…]

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5 Strategies for Using Webinars to Grow Your Nonprofit

Sonia Khosla March 16, 2020, by Sonia Khosla

How many times have written out a lengthy report without knowing whether it will be read? How many times have your members not attended an event due to the long commute or travel required?

With the internet at our fingertips, it’s much easier to dial in than to drive in to a seminar or event. Audio and video content is growing exponentially in[…]

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The Nonprofit Guide to UTM Parameters and Campaign Tracking

Erin Mastrantonio September 24, 2019, by Erin Mastrantonio

How did this month’s newsletter do compared to last month’s in terms of generating traffic - including potential donors - to your website? Do you know what percentage of your donations originated from that email campaign you sent last week? 

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How to Increase your Online Donation Guide

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