INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Fundraising Basics

Kyle McClure August 13, 2018, by Kyle McClure

Are you clear about the fundraising options offered by Facebook? If you're an eligible 501(c)(3) it's one of the best ways to get people to support your cause. We wanted to give you all the of details so we decided it was high time for a new infographic. Check it out below and get fundraising, folks! 



So there it is, the basics of Facebook fundraising. If you have any more questions or tips on best nonprofit fundraising methods reach out to us at Elevation, we love hearing from you! 


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Kyle McClure

Kyle McClure

Kyle McClure is the Growth & Partnerships Manager at Elevation. Kyle, a born and raised Pittsburgher, started in the nonprofit world during college when he interned for some of the Burgh’s favorite performing arts organizations. He began at Elevation as a project manager in 2016 with experience ranging from customer and donor relations to PR & marketing. A culture junkie, you can find Kyle planning trips, trying new restaurants, and searching for shows.

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