Nonprofit Donation Landing Page [Infographic]

Becca Bloch April 13, 2016, by Becca Bloch

Online giving is on the rise. Therefore, optimizing your nonprofit landing page for donation is fundamental in increasing your nonprofit's online donors.

As a nonprofit, your focus should not only be on directing possible donors to your donation page but also providing them with a clear, simple, and exciting donating experience. Your goal as an organization is to have all those who have reached your donation page follow through and complete the action. A well-designed, effective nonprofit donation landing page is a crucial part of the giving experience and can have a lasting impact on donor activity.

So how do we do this? Successfully boost your online donations with the 7 elements illustrated and explained in the infographic below.

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Nonprofit Website Design Landing Page

Becca Bloch

Becca Bloch

Becca Bloch is the communications & partnership manager at Elevation, a full- service nonprofit web design agency. As a lifelong volunteer for nonprofits, Becca has taken her passion to the next level assisting nonprofit organizations in developing an online presence in order to influence greater change within their community. When she isn’t working, Becca enjoys snapping photos, Netflix movie marathons, and catching up on her favorite blogs.

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