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Getting Board Members to Fundraise…Without Asking for a Gift

Rachel Muir July 21, 2017, by Rachel Muir

The minute the words came out of my board member’s mouth I saw my development director roll her eyes.  My board member thought she was being helpful.  She suggested we could reach our fundraising goal if we “just asked Oprah.”   Sure.  I’ve got her on speed dial, right?  The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  That is, until the chorus of other[…]

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The 101 for Your Nonprofit Website Hosting

Sara Lowe July 19, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Let’s say you’re about to start your own nonprofit. You need a few essentials to get started - like a decent website, right? After all, it’s important that you have a professional online image to attract funding, apply for grants, get more volunteers, etc. In order to create that image - your website - you’re going to need a place for it to live: AKA[…]

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What's on Your Nonprofit Website Header? 15 Elements You Might (Or Might Not) Have

Sara Lowe July 14, 2017, by Sara Lowe

What’s the first thing you see when you are browsing online and enter into a nonprofit website? A powerful image? An inspiring slogan or tagline?

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Release the Reins of Your Nonprofit’s Story

Noah Barnett July 10, 2017, by Noah Barnett

Stories connect us. A good story can make you laugh, cry, reminisce, or even dive into action. We remember stories from our childhood. We tell our families stories about our day. Our lives are wholly shaped by stories we hear and tell.

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Nonprofit Mission Statements: 30 Examples of Brands Who Are Crushing It [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sara Lowe July 05, 2017, by Sara Lowe

This post was updated and converted into an infographic from a previous post from July 2016 by Stefanie Pous. 

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