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The Tale of Two Websites: How KRC-PBPC Merged Two Brands Into One

Sarah Henry January 21, 2020, by Sarah Henry

KRC-PBPC came to Elevation with two websites (and two immense research databases) ready to simplify and modernize their outdated brands. As a major resource hub for Pennsylvania policymakers, activists, and the press, they needed a site that felt reputable and that made their research easy to navigate.

KRC-PBPC now has one comprehensive website with[…]

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Giving Season and Google Ad Grants: One Step Beyond Success!

Sarah Henry January 14, 2020, by Sarah Henry

Expecting the unexpected is familiar territory at the nonprofit One Step Beyond, Inc. (OSBI). Most parents never expect to have a child with an intellectual disability, which is why one part of OSBI’s mission is to help parents navigate governmental and medical agencies. OSBI itself never expected to expand to 13 locations from its early beginning as a[…]

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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Nonprofit Website

Sarah Henry October 08, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Think of your website as a store. When you walk inside, you should feel safe and comfortable in a reputable establishment, one that’s well-maintained, provides a delightful, frictionless experience, and is responsive to the customer’s needs. Without these things, you won’t be spending your time or money inside. Donors and constituents of your[…]

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The Nonprofit Guide to UTM Parameters and Campaign Tracking

Erin Mastrantonio September 24, 2019, by Erin Mastrantonio

How did this month’s newsletter do compared to last month’s in terms of generating traffic - including potential donors - to your website? Do you know what percentage of your donations originated from that email campaign you sent last week? 

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House of Ruth's Redesign Shows the Potential of Investing in a Nonprofit Website

Sarah Henry September 24, 2019, by Sarah Henry
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