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Facebook Ads for Your Nonprofit

Kyle McClure April 08, 2020, by Kyle McClure

Nearly 80% of Internet users use Facebook making the social network one of the digital giants of our time. There are so many ways to leverage this social tool for your nonprofit and Facebook’s ad program is one of the best ways to reach people interested in your work. If you’ve got some budget to work with, then these ads can be a highly effective way to[…]

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Nonprofit COVID-19 Resource List

Chloe Bellows April 07, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

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Apart from the significant health concerns we are living with (and the new organizational challenges of full-time living, working and parenting at home), many individuals and NGOs find themselves faced with a constantly-evolving, complicated economic situation. These are unprecedented and unnerving times, to say[…]

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5 Online Fundraising Obstacles and How to Avoid Them

Steven Shattuck March 30, 2020, by Steven Shattuck

New challenges arise as technological advancements have changed how nonprofits collect donations. For instance, nonprofits needed to adjust their strategies as new technology emerged around peer-to-peer fundraising, online giving, and crowdfunding. Changing technology adds a new obstacle on top of the traditional fundraising challenges that organizations[…]

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Google Ad Grant

Sarah Henry March 23, 2020, by Sarah Henry

This post has been updated from a previous version from 2017 written by Emma Wolfe. 

Have you ever wondered how nonprofits have been able to launch successful campaigns via Google Ads when many operate with limited budgets? It's all thanks to the Google Ad Grant program, a program from Google that offers $10,000 a month in ad credits to eligible[…]

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6 Nonprofit Storytelling Tips to Multiply the Impact of Your Charitable Marketing Strategy

Chloe Bellows March 23, 2020, by Chloe Bellows

Why are stories so powerful? Humans have been telling stories for much longer than we have been writing them down. We are hardwired not only to tell our own stories, but also to be drawn to the stories of others. It is through stories that we understand new contexts, relate to one another, solidify our learning, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy[…]

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How to Increase your Online Donation Guide

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