The Website Maintenance Schedule Every Nonprofit Needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sarah Henry June 26, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Maintaining a website is tricky work, especially when you're a nonprofit with limited resources and time. However tedious, it is absolutely essential. A poorly maintained website will cost you, not just figuratively, but in donations. In an industry where trust is of the utmost importance, losing credibility from a poorly maintained site is not an option.

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Here we've laid out the essentials for what you should be doing and when: once a week, once a month, once a quarter and once a year. We recommend that you block out a recurring time in our calendar, add a link to this infographic, and run through the all of the steps. But remember, before you change anything on your website, ALWAYS run a backup

These steps are designed to be things you can do on your own, whether you're a technical professional or not. However, make sure that you are checking in with your technical support team every month so they can do a thorough analysis and catch any potential bugs before they happen. For many nonprofits, it will be cheaper to outsource to a dedicated support team than to have someone with this technical skill set on staff. Don't have a team? Consider a full service firm like Elevation. We specialize in the specific needs of the nonprofit community. Check out our support plans here

For a more thorough description on how to do these tasks, check out this website maintenance article.
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Website Maintenance Schedule


Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry is the Content Marketing Growth Manager at Elevation, a full-service nonprofit web design agency. Sarah began in the nonprofit world in 2009 and has worked with organizations supporting education and digital and performing arts ever since. Sarah works to empower nonprofits to maintain relevance in our increasingly tech-focused world by combining her nonprofit experience with her passion for psychology and digital media.

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