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SSL Certificates 101

Emma Wolfe May 12, 2020, by Emma Wolfe

HTTP vs. HTTPS: are you wondering what the difference is? To answer your question, "https" stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). You'll need one if you want your website to appear in search results, and if you don't want a warning message to appear when users enter your website.

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How to Prevent Hacking on Your Nonprofit’s Website

Hillary Skeffington April 30, 2020, by Hillary Skeffington

The cyber security disasters large companies such as Home Depot and Target face seem far afield from the concerns and issues faced by nonprofits. However, similar to major corporations, nonprofits are a feeding ground of financial and personal information on which hackers are eager to prey.

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7 Signs Your Nonprofit Website Needs Help

Emily Friedrichs January 27, 2020, by Emily Friedrichs

Just like your health, your website needs periodic check-ups. And like high cholesterol or blood pressure, there are a few clear indicators that your nonprofit's website requires remedial action. We want to lend you a helping hand with a checklist of 7 areas that need your attention. With this quick review, you're just steps away from a fully functioning[…]

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The Website Maintenance Schedule Every Nonprofit Needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sarah Henry June 26, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Maintaining a website is tricky work, especially when you're a nonprofit with limited resources and time. However tedious, it is absolutely essential. A poorly maintained website will cost you, not just figuratively, but in donations. In an industry where trust is of the utmost importance, losing credibility from a poorly maintained site is not an option.

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9 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Website Accessible [Infographic]

Sarah Henry June 18, 2019, by Sarah Henry

The internet is a designed to be a free place to share knowledge and resources, to connect each other from all across of the world. In this age of convenience, it is far too easy to forget about demographics who use the internet differently. 

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A Comprehensive Guide: How to Make an Accessible Nonprofit Website

Lauren Uhl June 18, 2019, by Lauren Uhl

In essence, the internet is designed to be accessible for all persons with all soft/hardware, languages, locations, and abilities. Though accessibility may seem like an idealistic standard, it is actually a legal necessity. According to UsableNet research, accessibility lawsuits have increased 181% from 2017-2018 with no signs of slowing. Thus, it the[…]

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Simplified Website Maintenance: A Nonprofit Schedule

Lauren Uhl May 29, 2019, by Lauren Uhl

Website maintenance. The task that's on our calendar every week, every month, every quarter, and every year. But how often do you say, I'll get to that tomorrow? When it feels like such a giant task to overcome, it's easy to push it off. But like all big projects, we just need to break it down. So let's do just that.

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The 101 for Your Nonprofit Website Hosting

Sara Lowe July 19, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Let’s say you’re about to start your own nonprofit. You need a few essentials to get started - like an easy website builder, right? After all, it’s important that you have a professional online image to attract funding, apply for grants, get more volunteers, etc. In order to create that image - your website - you’re going to need a place for it to live:[…]

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What's Included in a Nonprofit Website Header? 15 Elements You Might (Or Maybe Should) Have

Sara Lowe July 14, 2017, by Sara Lowe

What’s the first thing you see when you are browsing online and enter into a nonprofit website? A powerful image? An inspiring slogan or tagline?

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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit's Web Presence

Hillary Skeffington September 02, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington


1. Screenshot Test

Take a screenshot of your nonprofit’s home page and ask 5-10 people (depending on how many volunteers you can gather) to look at the image for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, have them tell you as much as they can about the home page.

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