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How 3 Nonprofits are Excelling in Responsive Web Design

Hillary Skeffington June 01, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington

What makes a nonprofit website great? Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer that in one blog post. There are a myriad of elements that contribute to creating a great website and as technology advances, so must our expectations. Recently, one of the most popular topics buzzing around the website design industry is responsive web design. Responsive web design[…]

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HTML, CSS Coding for Nonprofits

Alyssa Hansen December 15, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Resumés these days include more than just the traditional arsenal of software skills, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Nonprofits are seeking candidates for communications positions with technical knowledge that will help them maintain their online websites, social media sites, and email marketing campaigns. If your organization has a dedicated[…]

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Say Cheese! - The Importance of Photos for your Nonprofit

Alyssa Hansen October 23, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Say Cheese!

The internet is filled with information from all different types of sources. What makes the same or similar information standout in many cases is its visual representation compared to competitors. Competitors? But wait a minute, we are a nonprofit! We don't want this to be a competition! The unfortunate reality is that everything is a[…]

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What Makes A Good Nonprofit Website Call To Action?

Alyssa Hansen August 25, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

So you’ve set up a smart looking website. Everything looks professional, but what about a call to action (CTA)? Every nonprofit website needs one, otherwise you’re just a news outlet. Let’s look at how Amnesty International and Girl Effect do it, and how they might even be able to do it better.

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What To Consider Before Starting A Non-Profit Website

Alyssa Hansen August 15, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Want your organization to grow faster through a new webpage? Or maybe you’re starting a new nonprofit. Here are some keys to launching a successful nonprofit website.

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How Responsive Web Design Can Help Nonprofits

Alyssa Hansen June 23, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

If you haven’t heard of responsive web design yet, it’s only time before you will. Put simply: responsive web design means creating website content that automatically re-sizes in response to the device being used, whether it be a mobile phone or a tablet computer. With more and more people using a range of devices to access the internet, responsive web[…]

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5 Key Ways to Build a Successful Nonprofit Website

Alyssa Hansen May 26, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Nonprofit websites share many of the same traits as other websites, but the best ones typically have a little something that makes them extra special. They need to be attractive, user-friendly and informative, like corporate websites – but they also need to inspire people to come back again and again, and to decide to donate.

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Why Open Source CMS is The Answer for Nonprofits

Alyssa Hansen March 21, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

The dilemma over whether to use open source or propriety content management systems is one that many non profits have to face. But here at Elevation, we know what we like when it comes to content management systems, and we’re with open source all the way. That’s because, in our experience, open source provides the best solutions for non profits. We don’t[…]

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