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Mobile Messaging: Social Media Guide for Your Nonprofit Part 1

Sara Lowe January 31, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Did you know that messaging platform WhatsApp processes 30 billion messages a day, largely outnumbering the 23 billion SMS messages that are sent daily? What’s more, Facebook Messenger hit 900 million users last year, closing the gap with WhatsApp which had 1 billion users as of February 2016. Even though some predict that SMS is dead, the number of[…]

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23 Social Media Experts Your Nonprofit Could Take A Lesson From

Stefanie Pous September 14, 2016, by Stefanie Pous

Let's face it: you need social media to get your nonprofit's brand on the map. All of your hard work is for naught if your organization doesn't have a strong web presence to back it up. And what better way to learn than from the social media experts themselves?

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Social Media For Nonprofits: A Variety of Links

Becca Bloch June 14, 2016, by Becca Bloch

With the rise of social media, it is safe to say it has a powerful influence on your nonprofit's communication/ marketing strategy. To successfully connect, interact, and increase your members/donors, a social media presence is key. Therefore, it is crucial that your organization is dominating the social media game.

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4 Tips for Using LinkedIn at Your Nonprofit

Becca Bloch May 23, 2016, by Becca Bloch

With Facebook and Twitter constantly stealing the spotlight of the nonprofit social media world, LinkedIn can often get overlooked. In fact, many organizations underestimate the powerful influence of LinkedIn.

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The Best Ways to Utilize Facebook for Your Nonprofit

Becca Bloch March 21, 2016, by Becca Bloch

As a social media platform, Facebook has continuously led the pack among businesses, nonprofits, and independent users. With around 167 million people logging on daily in the USA and Canada alone it is definitely fundamental that your nonprofit place importance on updating and maintaining your nonprofit's Facebook page.

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