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How to Move Donors Through the Funnel With Email Marketing

Emma Wolfe September 10, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Your donor list includes donors of all shapes and sizes: donors who gave once, twice or thrice mixed together with potential donors who have expressed interest but have never actually given money. If you want to successfully move donors from point A (thinking about giving) to point B (giving monthly) you are going to have to give them a gentle push. This[…]

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6 Effective Ways to Use Donor Data for Email Segmentation

Adam Weinger August 31, 2018, by Adam Weinger

When you send emails out to your supporters, are you sending one mass email to your whole email list?

While mass email marketing is a common strategy among nonprofits and for-profit companies alike, it is a big mistake.

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Build Up Its Email List

Emma Wolfe August 27, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Have you ever heard a cooler buzzword than “email marketing”? It’s like a spell from Harry Potter that turns tedious email sending into an automated donation boosting machine. Before you say the magic words, though, you should study up a little bit on where the fairy dust comes from and how you can spread the love. Okay, I can’t keep up the metaphor[…]

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How Often Should Your Nonprofit Communicate with Supporters

Tony Joy August 07, 2018, by Tony Joy

Knowing when the right time is to hit send on your email campaign or your social media posts presents a significant challenge for nonprofits. Most nonprofits prefer to stick to a handful of channels to communicate with their audience, taking their time to figure out a strategy and then sticking to it for the long run.

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How to Brand Your Nonprofit's Instagram

Emma Wolfe May 14, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Social media is so embedded in our lives that part of experiencing something is documenting it digitally on our Instagram profiles. Whether you are for or against this proliferation of technology, you must admit, Instagram is one of the goliaths. With over 800 million active users in September of 2017, this number is only projected to grow. And although[…]

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5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Matters

Emma Wolfe May 01, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Hello, nonprofit marketers. Are you listening? We wanted to write about a topic that is really close to our hearts, nonprofit marketing plans.

A nonprofit marketing plan is a simple document, but is invaluable throughout the planning, design and implementation of any marketing campaign. Marketing plans have different objectives based on the organization[…]

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8 Best Nonprofit Email Marketing Tools

Sara Lowe April 23, 2018, by Sara Lowe

Your nonprofit just built three new houses outside of Lima and you send an update email to all 5,000 of your subscribers instantaneously.

Your fundraiser is one week away and you send a reminder email, first to your donors and then to your volunteers.

You’re searching for a new Volunteer Coordinator to join your team and you send an inquiry email to your[…]

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What is the Google Ad Grant? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Emma Wolfe February 27, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Google is easily the most popular and influential search engine in the world. The search giant realizes its extensive power for good through the Google for Nonprofits Programs. We've written about the Google Ad Grant before, which offers $10,000 worth of free advertising to nonprofits, so this time we decided to show you. 

Below we have broken down the[…]

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Your Nonprofit’s To-Do List for 2018: 6 Ideas

Emma Wolfe December 26, 2017, by Emma Wolfe

It is no secret that the explosion of technology has changed the business world. It is hard for nonprofits to keep up, especially when working with limited resources. It can feel, because of the incredible work that nonprofits do, that investing in technology is unnecessary and donors will flock regardless. However, in 2018, not investing is no longer an[…]

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3 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit's Visibility

Allison Gauss October 19, 2017, by Allison Gauss

Visibility and public awareness are important concerns for any organization, whether they’re selling cars or funding cancer research. People can only donate, volunteer, and support your work if they know your organization exists. But although nonprofit marketing is an important component of fundraising and operational success, many nonprofit[…]

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