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4 Components Of A Great Fundraising Offer

Brady Josephson June 22, 2017, by Brady Josephson

How much time have you spent thinking about your fundraising offer? Researching your fundraising offer? Understanding what a fundraising offer even is? I’ve spent a decent amount of time in the fundraising and nonprofit space (my entire career) but when I chat with or read older, wiser, and more experienced fundraisers like Tim Kachuriak from NextAfter, […]

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Boost Donor Retention Rates Using Your Own Supporters — All Online

Noah Barnett June 13, 2017, by Noah Barnett

Donor retention.

If you’re a fundraising professional, then I’m sure those two words feel like a giant weight on your shoulders. Yet, it’s an important metric we all need to track and *hopefully* improve over time.

In fact, it’s possible that retention is top-of-mind in most of your fundraising-related actions.

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How to Identify your Nonprofit Donor Personas

Sara Lowe April 20, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Volunteer Vicky. Climate-Concerned Chis. Involved Ivan. Generous Giver Grace.

How well do you really know those who give to your cause? The aforementioned characters represent your donor personas - generalized representations of the real people who make up your organization’s donors.

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Donation Usability: 6 Ways to Improve User Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sara Lowe March 22, 2017, by Sara Lowe

As a nonprofit, your focus should not only be on directing possible donors to your donation page but also providing them with a clear, simple, and exciting donating experience. Your goal as an organization is to have all those who have reached your donation page follow through and complete the action, right?

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PayPal Donate Button: The Fast and Easy Way to Receive Online Donations

Sara Lowe January 23, 2017, by Sara Lowe

It is undeniable that as technology continues to advance, traditional payment methods are becoming increasingly out-of-date. This means that now, more than ever, your nonprofit is depending on easy-to-use online donation methods. It is crucial that your website display links to donate money by using clear and and attention-grabbing tools. One of the best[…]

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6 Top-Notch Product Fundraising Ideas

Kerri Moore January 11, 2017, by Kerri Moore

Product fundraising is more than an incentive for donors to give. Though trust us, it is an incentive (after all, who can say no to some scrumptious snacks, comfy t-shirts, or festive gift wrap?).

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Thanking Your Donors: A Crash Course

Stefanie Pous December 15, 2016, by Stefanie Pous

The whirlwind of #GivingTuesday has come and gone. Now you’re left counting your donations and your lucky stars. You worked hard and met (or maybe even surpassed!) your goals, but your work is far from finished.

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5 Popular Online Fundraising Trends to Elevate Your Strategy

Abby Jarvis December 02, 2016, by Abby Jarvis

Every year, new fundraising trends grow and develop online.

Technology changes rapidly, and nonprofits can capitalize on new developments to better reach their donors. After all, your donors are online.

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#GivingTuesday Resources: A Roundup of Links

Stefanie Pous November 03, 2016, by Stefanie Pous

Hey there, #nptech world. We know you're keeping busy with preparing for #GivingTuesday, managing nonprofits, and doing lots of other great things. We figured we'd do you a solid and put together a list of all the most important #GivingTuesday links circulating the web right now.

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5 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit Website More Powerful (& Recruit More Supporters)

Tina Jepson October 28, 2016, by Tina Jepson

Your nonprofit website is oftentimes the first place that potential supporters look to learn more about your organization.

To your audience, a clean, professional looking website can make you appear trustworthy, validate your cause, educate, and inspire involvement with your organization. A disorganized, chaotic site has the potential to turn people[…]

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