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3 Elements That Can Totally Make Your Peer-to-Peer Event

Abby Jarvis April 02, 2018, by Abby Jarvis

Peer-to-peer events are a fun way to raise money and build relationships with your organization’s most dedicated supporters. But they’re also a ton of work! The logistics involved in even small peer-to-peer events can be staggering. Designing your event is no less important than anything else; how can you get the biggest impact while balancing design[…]

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Online Donation Processing: 3 Tools to Know

Emma Wolfe March 26, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Okay we are going to get real right now. If your organization isn’t accepting donations online, it is definitely time to get the digital fundraising train rolling. The term “payment processing system” sounds super official and scary but we promise you, it’s just a fancy for name for “accepts payment online”. We nerds at Elevation want to give you a[…]

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5 Simple Digital Fundraising Tips For Nonprofit Organizations

Cara Benson March 15, 2018, by Cara Benson

When it comes to fundraising today, many donors want an easy-to-use digital way to donate. Millennials currently make up the largest demographic and their preferences are changing the way many organizations market themselves. Millennials are very comfortable with using technology for everything – including donating money. The best way to set your[…]

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4 Ways Your Website's Donation Page Turns Supporters Off

Noah Barnett March 07, 2018, by Noah Barnett

Did you capture more online donations in 2017 than you did in 2016? If so, then you’re in good company. In fact, online fundraising continues to grow exponentially from year to year. In 2016, over 7% of all nonprofit revenue was a result of online giving.  That’s huge!

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5 Versatile Fundraising Ideas Your Organization Hasn’t Tried

Kevin Penney March 07, 2018, by Kevin Penney

Nonprofits are always on the hunt for the next big fundraising idea that’s sure to inspire supporters and create a movement around their cause.

While there’s no surefire way to know which fundraising method will be a knockout with your particular audience, there are a few fundraising hits that are just flexible enough to work for almost any organization.[…]

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5 Timeless Strategies to Engage and Retain the Modern Donor

Dan Quirk March 05, 2018, by Dan Quirk

These days, it seems like fundraisers are constantly coming up with new strategies to keep up with their donors’ busy lives.

While it’s true that there are more ways than ever to raise money and engage with supporters, you can rest assured that some nonprofit strategies will never get old.

Instead of attempting to reinvent the wheel every time you map[…]

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How to Love your Donors on Valentine’s Day (and Every Day)

Emma Wolfe February 13, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

We tend to forget that our donors are people. They are not only people but the means by which your organization functions and they deserve to be thanked for it. So this Valentine’s Day we recommend making it about them and showing them the love. We’ve come up with 7 ways to heart them this V-Day and every day.

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Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Crowdfunding Your Charity

Brad Wayland January 25, 2018, by Brad Wayland

This is a contributing post by Brad Wayland of BlueCotton

Want to raise money for a good cause? Crowdfunding may seem like an attractive option, but you need to be careful about using it. Here’s why.

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How to Design an Amazing Donation Receipt

Abby Jarvis January 22, 2018, by Abby Jarvis

Donation receipts tend to be pretty boring. They generally run something like this:

Dear Abby,

Thank you for your donation of $25 to our organization. Below, please find the details of your transaction for your records.


Your donation receipts don’t have to be boring! Adding a few elements to your donation receipt will make a great impression on[…]

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Incorporate Matching Gifts into Your Online Strategy: 7 Tips

Adam Weinger December 15, 2017, by Adam Weinger

 Matching gifts are the pot of gold at the end of the nonprofit rainbow. While your donors have built your rainbow with their unwavering support, the potential to increase your donations even more is still waiting at the end.

To reap the full benefits of your donors’ matching gift

 programs, you’ll need to incorporate matching gifts into your online[…]

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