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Engaging with Your Online Community: The Essential Q&A Guide

Andrew Berry April 16, 2019, by Andrew Berry

As a nonprofit, it can be challenging to effectively engage with your community—especially online. A lot of donation revenue can come from online sources, but that means there’s also a lot of competition to get donors’ attention.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Attract Women Donors

Sarah Henry March 22, 2019, by Sarah Henry

A common mistake among nonprofits is creating a digital media strategy designed to attract only half of the population. Up until recently, most research hasn't taken into account the differences between men and women donors. But did you know that women currently control nearly 60% of the United State's wealth (and by 2030 will likely control 75%)?[…]

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6 Top Strategies to Boost Your Mobile Giving Potential

John Killoran October 22, 2018, by John Killoran

The modern world seems to be spinning faster than ever before. We are all moving faster, doing more, and improving our communication systems. One of the major communication developments that has changed our society is the smartphone.

Our smartphones are rarely further than arm’s reach away. We use these little devices to check the time, make calls,[…]

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11 Awesome Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Emma Wolfe October 16, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

It’s fundraising season which means we are all running around fueled purely by coffee and our desire to do good. Before you work until you drop, consider some fundraising tools for your nonprofit that will make this year-end fundraising season your best yet. We know there are ton of options out there so we’ve broken down some our favs and pointed out[…]

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5 (Essential) Ingredients Your Year-End Fundraising Campaigns Must Have To Stand Out

Tina Jepson September 17, 2018, by Tina Jepson

So far this morning, I’ve received four emails from nonprofits I’ve supported in the past. Did I mention it’s only 9 am?

Nowadays, we’re bombarded with information about products, services, and causes we support. And it comes at us in all directions: email, social media feeds, direct mail, and phone calls. It’s a noisy world, and if your nonprofit is[…]

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How to Move Donors Through the Funnel With Email Marketing

Emma Wolfe September 10, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

Your donor list includes donors of all shapes and sizes: donors who gave once, twice or thrice mixed together with potential donors who have expressed interest but have never actually given money. If you want to successfully move donors from point A (thinking about giving) to point B (giving monthly) you are going to have to give them a gentle push. This[…]

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6 Effective Ways to Use Donor Data for Email Segmentation

Adam Weinger August 31, 2018, by Adam Weinger

When you send emails out to your supporters, are you sending one mass email to your whole email list?

While mass email marketing is a common strategy among nonprofits and for-profit companies alike, it is a big mistake.

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Getting Personal About Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Gary Wohlfeill June 19, 2018, by Gary Wohlfeill

 This is a contributing post from CrowdRise

For many people around the world, endorsement and support of a nonprofit is personal. Maybe a close friend or family member was affected by the cause, maybe it’s a cause that influences their future, or maybe it even affects them personally.

And when a cause means that much to you, sometimes sending in a check[…]

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Purchasing Fundraising Software: A Small Shop’s Guide

Emma Wolfe May 02, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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It’s inevitable that as your organization continues to gain momentum and supporters, you’ll have to think about purchasing nonprofit fundraising software.

From researching products, to talking with vendors, viewing demos, and pitching to the board, buying fundraising software can be an intensive and[…]

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Top 7 Techniques to Conquer Digital Fundraising Challenges

Adam Weinger April 26, 2018, by Adam Weinger

Digital tools offer amazing opportunities for nonprofit fundraising. Never before has your nonprofit organization been able to raise so much from such diverse sources.

Your team has likely already discovered the value of incorporating some digital tools into your fundraising toolkit. However, many nonprofits often fall into a similar pattern.

Once we[…]

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