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8 Best Nonprofit Email Marketing Tools

Sara Lowe June 08, 2017, by Sara Lowe

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This post was updated on April 23rd, 2018

Your nonprofit just built three new houses outside of Lima and you send an update email to all 5,000 of your subscribers instantaneously.

Your fundraiser is one week away and you send a reminder email, first to your donors and then to your volunteers.


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8 Rookie Email Marketing Mistakes from Nonprofits

Hillary Skeffington October 19, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington

1. No Consent

If you’re wary whether or not you have consent to Signs you don’t have customer consent, ask yourself these 2 important questions:

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11 Elements of Successful Email Marketing for Nonprofits

Hillary Skeffington May 26, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington
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Top 7 Mistakes Made By Nonprofit Email Campaigns

Alyssa Hansen August 20, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Everybody knows that email is essential for stakeholder communication. But nobody likes spammy or confusing emails. So what’s a nonprofit to do? Well, maybe it helps to know first what not to do with nonprofit email campaigns.

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