Roundup of Top Nonprofit Conferences in 2017

Sara Lowe February 08, 2017, by Sara Lowe

Hey #nptech world! We’ve decided to make our first roundup of 2017 all about nonprofit conferences - great learning experiences that can teach you how your nonprofit can make a greater impact in your community!

Here you will find 30 conferences that take place around the country covering a variety of topics - everything from fundraising ideas to digital marketing tools to legal matters. We hope this list will prove useful to your nonprofit!

And, as always, Elevation would love your feedback of any nonprofit conferences that you think should be included in this list for 2017!

Sara Lowe

Sara Lowe

Sara Lowe is the Communications and Partnerships Manager at Elevation, a full-service nonprofit web design agency. Sara began volunteering with nonprofits at an early age, including helping her hometown military community at the USO, teaching useful skills to inmates at a local jail, and traveling to Cambodia to help implement sustainable farming practices in a small village. Aside from loving to travel and learn other languages, Sara can often be found trying exotic new foods, doing Crossfit, or attending wine tastings.

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