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Why Google Web Fonts Rock

Emma Wolfe July 24, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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We are here to make an argument, an argument about font. When font only existed in print, it was easy. Designers knew that the design they created was going to appear as they wanted it to. Enter the modern era, the era of web design where type renders differently on a screen. There are a ton of different[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Interior Pages

Emma Wolfe July 17, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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So we’ve talked homepages and donation experiences but it’s time to come to the end of our “anatomy of” series. We have had a ton of fun breaking down what goes into the creation of successful nonprofit web pages. But don’t fret, because today we are breaking down a couple different interior pages (and[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Donation Page

Emma Wolfe July 10, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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In the second piece of our three-part “anatomy of” series, we are going to talk donation pages and overall donation experience. I know that a lot of your are hanging off the end of your seat in order to learn about what makes the “perfect donation” experience that gets your organization more dollar bills.[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Homepage

Emma Wolfe July 03, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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Nonprofit websites are fundamentally different than their business counterparts. They are multifaceted and serve many different purposes from donation to events’ calendars and even to volunteer information and program resources. With this in mind, however, the anatomy of a nonprofit’s homepage and plethora[…]

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9 Timeless Board Engagement Strategies

Emma Wolfe June 26, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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You want your nonprofit’s board members to be your biggest advocates, but sometimes you are so busy you forget to properly cultivate them into engaged champions of your organization.. How do you ensure that your board is in it to win it? Well, it’s going to involve some work on your part, but the payoff is[…]

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