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5 Email Storytelling Tips to Inspire Donors to Give

Andrew Berry May 14, 2019, by Andrew Berry

When you’re getting ready to craft an email to send to your constituents, it’s not a simple process of typing up some content and sending it off. There are actually several best practices to keep in mind. While telling a story through email might seem like a simple task at the forefront, you’ll want to avoid some easy mistakes that nonprofits have a[…]

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Anatomy of a Google Ad

Lauren Uhl May 07, 2019, by Lauren Uhl

Finding the right words for a successful Google Ad copy takes a village. The constant drafting, revising, publishing, and testing requires the utmost time and attention to detail, and it can be exhausting. Luckily, advertisers can optimize this process by studying and implementing the anatomy of prosperous ads. This marketing craftsmanship pivots on[…]

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Creating a Successful Google Ad to Keep Your Grant

Lauren Uhl April 30, 2019, by Lauren Uhl

Today, nonprofits worldwide aim to alleviate societal issues and promote various social justice campaigns. And that work is paramount, but it’s not easy. Luckily, Google Ad Grants can help. By providing $10,000 to nonprofits for general outreach, fundraising, and recruitment advertisements, Google Ad Grants help nonprofits gain online influence.  

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3 Ways To Extend Your Nonprofit's Reach in Today's Distraction-Filled World

Noah Barnett April 23, 2019, by Noah Barnett

Do you feel like the world you're fundraising in has fundamentally shifted? That the things that used to work aren’t delivering like they used to? That something about your supporters and their expectations have changed?

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Engaging with Your Online Community: The Essential Q&A Guide

Andrew Berry April 16, 2019, by Andrew Berry

As a nonprofit, it can be challenging to effectively engage with your community—especially online. A lot of donation revenue can come from online sources, but that means there’s also a lot of competition to get donors’ attention.

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Breakdown: 4 Inclusive Marketing Videos to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Sarah Henry March 29, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Our country is filled with an incredibly diverse group of individuals, but we don't get to experience the benefits of this diversity without an inclusive environment that allows everyone to thrive. Inclusive nonprofit marketing campaigns are one step into creating a more inclusive world.  So, what makes a campaign inclusive? Here are four amazing[…]

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Attract Women Donors

Sarah Henry March 22, 2019, by Sarah Henry

A common mistake among nonprofits is creating a digital media strategy designed to attract only half of the population. Up until recently, most research hasn't taken into account the differences between men and women donors. But did you know that women currently control nearly 60% of the United State's wealth (and by 2030 will likely control 75%)?[…]

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10 Ways You Can Help Your Nonprofit #BalanceForBetter

Sarah Henry March 15, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Last Friday, the world took to the streets to celebrate International Women's Day, a day marked by celebration, encouragement and necessary conversations about gender differences in the workplace. But it doesn't end here. The theme of International Women's Day is to #BalanceForBetter and it lasts for all of 2019. 

As we saw last week, there is still a […]

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The State of Women in Nonprofits

Sarah Henry March 08, 2019, by Sarah Henry

Women are transforming the nonprofit world, make sure your organization can keep up.

Shout out to all of you incredible women out there, because it is International Women’s Day! Every year on March 8, International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women.  Even more, we are called to a collective action to create a gender balanced world.[…]

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Facebook Ads for Your Nonprofit

Kyle McClure January 23, 2019, by Kyle McClure

Nearly 80% of Internet users use Facebook, making the social network one of the digital giants of our time. There are so many ways to leverage this social tool for your nonprofit and Facebook’s ad program is one of the best ways to reach people interested in your work. If you’ve got some budget to work with, then these ads can be a highly effective way[…]

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