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Let your true colors show! - Color choice for Nonprofits

Alyssa Hansen December 01, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

In the business world, image is everything. The largest brand names in the world rely heavily on their brand images in order to market to their consumers. Logos tell a story about a company or organization that can influence people long before they step foot in a store or visit their website. Large corporations spend millions of dollars in order to[…]

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The Right Donations Processor for your Nonprofit

Alyssa Hansen December 01, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Your organization’s business development increasingly depends on easy-to-use online donations and e-payments. Here are some tips and side-by-side comparisons when choosing a donations processor for your website.

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Crowdfund your Holiday Campaign

Alyssa Hansen November 28, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Looking for a way to find another source for donations and increase your social media interactions? If you haven't already heard of crowdfunding, it might be time to give it a try for your nonprofit. Crowdfunding is a means to collectively source a project or idea, and has become increasingly popular among nonprofit organizations to supplement existing[…]

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Say Cheese! - The Importance of Photos for your Nonprofit

Alyssa Hansen October 23, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

Say Cheese!

The internet is filled with information from all different types of sources. What makes the same or similar information standout in many cases is its visual representation compared to competitors. Competitors? But wait a minute, we are a nonprofit! We don't want this to be a competition! The unfortunate reality is that everything is a[…]

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What Makes A Good Nonprofit Website Call To Action?

Alyssa Hansen August 25, 2014, by Alyssa Hansen

So you’ve set up a smart looking website. Everything looks professional, but what about a call to action (CTA)? Every nonprofit website needs one, otherwise you’re just a news outlet. Let’s look at how Amnesty International and Girl Effect do it, and how they might even be able to do it better.

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