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Why Your Nonprofit Should Build Up Its Email List

Emma Wolfe August 27, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

How to Build Your Nonprofit Email List: Website & Social Media

Have you ever heard a cooler buzzword than “email marketing”? It’s like a spell from Harry Potter that turns tedious email sending into an automated donation boosting machine. Before you say the magic words, though, you should study up a little bit on where the fairy dust comes from and how you can spread[…]

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Elevation's Partnership Program

Kyle McClure August 20, 2018, by Kyle McClure

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Today’s post is a little out of the ordinary but it’s super exciting so we had to share. Elevation has recently launched our very own partnership program, and we’re thrilled to be talking about it on our blog! Our goal is to connect nonprofits with the technological and digital resources they need to[…]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Fundraising Basics

Kyle McClure August 13, 2018, by Kyle McClure

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Did you know that you can fundraise with Facebook? Well you can and it's pretty awesome. If you're an eligible 501c3 it's one of the best ways to get people to support your cause. We wanted to give you all the of details so we decided it was high time for a new infographic. Check it out below and get[…]

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How Often Should Your Nonprofit Communicate with Supporters

Tony Joy August 07, 2018, by Tony Joy

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Knowing when the right time is to hit send on your email campaign or your social media posts presents a significant challenge for nonprofits. Most nonprofits prefer to stick to a handful of channels to communicate with their audience, taking their time to figure out a strategy and then sticking to it for[…]

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3 Ways to Ensure Donor Database and Online Donation Page Harmony

Steven Shattuck July 30, 2018, by Steven Shattuck

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On average, retention rates are lower through online channels that offline.

One reason for this could be a lack of seamlessness between online donation pages and the donor databases that constituent info is fed into.

Not only can it give the donor a bad experience, but it can also create a lot of work for[…]

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