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6 Top Strategies to Boost Your Mobile Giving Potential

John Killoran October 22, 2018, by John Killoran

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The modern world seems to be spinning faster than ever before. We are all moving faster, doing more, and improving our communication systems. One of the major communication developments that has changed our society is the smartphone.

Our smartphones are rarely further than arm’s reach away. We use these[…]

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11 Awesome Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

Emma Wolfe October 16, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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It’s fundraising season which means we are all running around fueled purely by coffee and our desire to do good. Before you work until you drop, consider some fundraising tools for your nonprofit that will make this year-end fundraising season your best yet. We know there are ton of options out there so[…]

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7 Email Marketing Statistics That Matter

Emma Wolfe September 25, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

How to Build Your Nonprofit Email List: Website & Social Media

You know a good email when you see one. From subject line to body, it’s engaging and visually appealing. How do email marketers perfect these awesome email specimens? It’s not just a gut feeling. There are some really important statistics that inform the creation of these marketing emails. Email marketing[…]

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5 (Essential) Ingredients Your Year-End Fundraising Campaigns Must Have To Stand Out

Tina Jepson September 17, 2018, by Tina Jepson

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So far this morning, I’ve received four emails from nonprofits I’ve supported in the past. Did I mention it’s only 9 am?

Nowadays, we’re bombarded with information about products, services, and causes we support. And it comes at us in all directions: email, social media feeds, direct mail, and phone calls.[…]

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How to Move Donors Through the Funnel With Email Marketing

Emma Wolfe September 10, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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So you know how your nonprofit has lists of donors? And this list includes donors of all shapes and sizes: donors who gave once, twice and thrice mixed together with potential donors who have expressed interested but have never actually given money. Well here’s the deal. If you want to successfully move[…]

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