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Part 1: 3 Strategies to Write Compelling Content for Your Nonprofit Website

Hillary Skeffington September 22, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington

At the heart of every nonprofit is a story. Inspired by an idea, born from a moment, and created from experience, your nonprofit’s story is the foundation of your organization, and the platform from where you drive donor engagement, cement community involvement, and generate measurable change. For many nonprofits and their nonprofit websites, the[…]

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Top 5 Brands in Nonprofit Web Design

Hillary Skeffington September 15, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington


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7 Ways to Ruin Your Nonprofit's Call to Actions

Hillary Skeffington September 09, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington

As Part III of our blog series on Call to Actions comes to fruition, let’s reflect on what we’ve concluded up until now. We’ve mulled over 6 vital optimization tips, and we’ve jumped headfirst into 3 case studies of credible nonprofits and how their CTAs could improve. In these 2 info-packed articles, we’ve covered a lot of ground, reiterated and[…]

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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Nonprofit's Web Presence

Hillary Skeffington September 02, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington

1. Screenshot Test

Take a screenshot of your nonprofit’s home page and ask 5-10 people (depending on how many volunteers you can gather) to look at the image for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, have them tell you as much as they can about the home page.

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6 Key Attributes Successful Nonprofits Have in Common

Hillary Skeffington August 25, 2015, by Hillary Skeffington
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