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12 Nonprofit Videos that Spark Inspiration and Action

Becca Bloch March 14, 2016, by Becca Bloch

It is a known fact that the combination of pictures, music, and words sparks imagination and emotion in the human body. In a study done by HubSpot, they found that 78% of people watch online videos once a week. A pretty solid indication as to why nonprofit videos are a great tool to engage supporters, volunteers, and donors.

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3 Ways to Reach your Millennial Donors

Becca Bloch March 07, 2016, by Becca Bloch

With 2016 in full force, we have no doubt your nonprofit has begun organizing and analyzing this year's donor engagement plan. As a successful nonprofit, it is crucial to understand how to communicate effectively with your audience and supporters in order to make the right type of requests.

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It did what? Free NGO Marketing Tools

Becca Bloch February 29, 2016, by Becca Bloch

Marketing goes beyond your nonprofit's website, blog, and email communication. It is a process that involves listening to your followers and delivering to them the information they want. The key is using marketing tools that will have the greatest impact on funding, support, and growth of your nonprofit.

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5 Engaging Blog Post Ideas for your Nonprofit

Becca Bloch February 19, 2016, by Becca Bloch

Writer’s block­, it happens to the best of us. A blank WordPress screen, the blinking movement of the cursor, and the constant reminder we have unsuccessfully generated any material. I am sure the question, “what kind of posts will engage our readers?” has crossed your mind many times before. Especially when authoring posts on a regular basis.

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[Guest Post] Top 10 Ways to Encourage Mobile Giving

John Killoran February 17, 2016, by John Killoran

As you know, a beautiful, clean website means everything in today’s competitive economy. But have you given thought to what that beautiful website transforms into on a mobile device? For some nonprofits, their mobile website design could use a little work. It’s akin to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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