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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Donation Page

Emma Wolfe July 10, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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In the second piece of our three-part “anatomy of” series, we are going to talk donation pages and overall donation experience. I know that a lot of your are hanging off the end of your seat in order to learn about what makes the “perfect donation” experience that gets your organization more dollar bills.[…]

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The Anatomy of Your Nonprofit's Homepage

Emma Wolfe July 03, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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Nonprofit websites are fundamentally different than their business counterparts. They are multifaceted and serve many different purposes from donation to events’ calendars and even to volunteer information and program resources. With this in mind, however, the anatomy of a nonprofit’s homepage and plethora[…]

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9 Timeless Board Engagement Strategies

Emma Wolfe June 26, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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You want your nonprofit’s board members to be your biggest advocates, but sometimes you are so busy you forget to properly cultivate them into engaged champions of your organization.. How do you ensure that your board is in it to win it? Well, it’s going to involve some work on your part, but the payoff is[…]

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Agile Content Planning for Nonprofits

Kris Jonson June 21, 2018, by Kris Jonson

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This is a contributing post from Virtuous 

Creating great content is essential to the success of every nonprofit. Well-crafted content is the vehicle through which you tell the story of your organization. And it’s the medium that provides a battle cry to drive donors, staff and other constituents in the[…]

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Getting Personal About Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Gary Wohlfeill June 19, 2018, by Gary Wohlfeill

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 This is a contributing post from CrowdRise

For many people around the world, endorsement and support of a nonprofit is personal. Maybe a close friend or family member was affected by the cause, maybe it’s a cause that influences their future, or maybe it even affects them personally.

And when a cause means[…]

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