How to Fund Your Nonprofit Website

Sara Lowe September 07, 2017, by Sara Lowe

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This post was updated from a previous post from June 2016 by Becca Bloch. 

Today, people instinctively turn to the web to gather information about almost anything, whether they are getting the latest world news, seeking advice, or simply looking for an address. The web is where it's at, making your nonprofit’s website a crucial element for your organization. It’s not only necessary to communicate information but also to establish credibility.

Websites can be costly. Despite the variety of prices and a number of design companies out there building a new nonprofit website can be more expensive than you imagined. You need to take into account the cost of the developers, time involved, and all-around effort that goes into your website creation. Knowing the limited budget your nonprofit has to work with fuels a the real question, which is how is my organization going to fund this project

A well-run nonprofit will employ a fundraising strategy that seeks to raise funds through various channels. Diversifying your fundraising sources is also a good way to approach creating a budget for your new nonprofit website.

Think of your nonprofit website as an investment, not an expense.

Many nonprofits aren’t sure just what a new website will bring to their organization. It’s important to think of your website as a central marketing tool working to effectively and efficiently drive your nonprofit’s mission.

The truth is, your website is the face of your organization. Therefore, your page needs to directly reflect who you are as a nonprofit. It should be a well-oiled machine that directs visitors to accomplish tasks and convert potential donors.

The challenge?

How do you approach your nonprofit supporters and community to donate towards an item that could be viewed more as an administrative cost rather than a cause/mission-related cost? Below we have listed various benefits and tips that a new website can bring when conversing with others who may be less enthusiastic about funding a project like this. Another option we recommend is checking out Wild Apricot's membership website free option they have pretty awesome membership website builder

What makes your new nonprofit website a long-term investment?

  • Generates a better user experience which can help you recruit more volunteers.
  • Helps attract new visitors, meaning more donors.
  • Builds and develops your credibility and authority within your community to gain sponsorships with potential local and industry-wide partner-organizations.
  • Makes it easier for your nonprofit to “go green.” Automating manual tasks saves your nonprofit money and maximizes your staff’s time with more mission-related work.

How to Fund Your Nonprofit Website

Sara Lowe

Sara Lowe

Sara Lowe is the Communications and Partnerships Manager at Elevation, a full-service nonprofit web design agency. Sara began volunteering with nonprofits at an early age, including helping her hometown military community at the USO, teaching useful skills to inmates at a local jail, and traveling to Cambodia to help implement sustainable farming practices in a small village. Aside from loving to travel and learn other languages, Sara can often be found trying exotic new foods, doing Crossfit, or attending wine tastings.

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