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Kyle McClure August 20, 2018, by Kyle McClure

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Today’s post is a little out of the ordinary but it’s super exciting so we had to share. Elevation has recently launched our very own partnership program, and we’re thrilled to be talking about it on our blog! Our goal is to connect nonprofits with the technological and digital resources they need to continue to generate change. What does it look like? Who can be involved? Is there any benefit to me? Well, we are here to answer all of those burning questions! Welcome to Elevation’s partnership program!

Why did we start it?

We saw a need. During web redesign tons of questions come up about other technologies, what they do, and how they’ll work with a new website. Our clients came to us needing more information about CRMs, SMS donation apps, nonprofit consultants and more. We wanted to be able to provide our clients with answers and resources, however we wanted to make sure these resources were companies and individuals we knew and trusted. We started reaching out to those we already knew and began developing a web of interconnected partners who we were sure would help our clients on their way to technological success.


Who is eligible to be a partner?

One of our favorite parts of this program is that it’s open to such a wide range of people. The fact that it is relationship based with the goal of creating a sector network allows us to welcome professionals from all areas of the nonprofit world. This includes companies, individuals and nonprofits (clients included)!


How relationships with companies work

There are countless service providers that work for nonprofit clients in technology, fundraising, and more. Our goal in creating lasting relationships with these providers is to help nonprofits access these services when we’re simply not the experts. We would love to be able to recommend experts in different areas when we’re fielding inquiries and serve as experts for those who have skills different than ours.  

How relationships with individuals works

We also know that within our sector there are so many who are self employed and forging their own path. Maybe you’re a consultant or a freelance grant writer. Either way, it can get lonely sometimes but you don’t have to face things on your own. We can be there to help fill in the holes and make sure that you’re able to link up your clients with us or other folks associated with our network.

How relationships with nonprofits works

The beauty of working at nonprofits is the fact that we’re all in this together (cue High School Musical number) and wanting to help out our friends and colleagues working for other great causes. We hope to be a resource and resource center for organizations when they’re looking for services or asking around for suggestions from their peers. Our hope is that this network will help expand how nonprofits can extend a helping hand within the industry.

Are there are benefits for me?

Our number one goal is the creation of a partner network but we want to make sure that everyone feels the love and that proper attention is paid.  We offer a 5% revenue share on any referral that chooses to start a web design project with us. This share can come in two different forms: a one-time, 5% commission to our referral partner or a one-time, 5% discount on the referred client’s project total.

Again, we’re so excited to be talking about this program with you and we have high hopes for the reach of the network we’re creating. Please don’t hesitate to send any questions or inquiries to growth and partnerships manager Kyle McClure. Our team is always excited to chat!


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Kyle McClure

Kyle McClure

Kyle McClure is the Growth & Partnerships Manager at Elevation. Kyle, a born and raised Pittsburgher, started in the nonprofit world during college when he interned for some of the Burgh’s favorite performing arts organizations. He began at Elevation as a project manager in 2016 with experience ranging from customer and donor relations to PR & marketing. A culture junkie, you can find Kyle planning trips, trying new restaurants, and searching for shows.

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