7 Ways to Re-Energize Your Staff for the New Year

Emma Wolfe January 09, 2018, by Emma Wolfe

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This post was updated on January 22nd, 2019

You’ve just come off a long fundraising season and the lethargy of the holidays still lingers. You want to get the New Year started on the right foot but your staff needs a serious recharge and you’re not sure how to get them motivated again. We understand because we are in the same boat! 

We have decided to try and conquer the post-holiday blues with some ideas to energize both our staff and yours this 2019! Check them out. 


Use New Year’s Resolutions


Get your staff together to share personal resolutions and come up with organization-wide goals. If a large portion of your staff is trying to exercise more, then introduce a mid-day stretch or set of squats in the office. This way your employees can work on their resolutions even while at work.

Brainstorm resolutions for your entire nonprofit with staff so that they are involved in the goal-setting process and are excited to start achieving them in 2019!


wellness committee-10.pngCreate a Wellness Committee

The health of your staff is essential if you want to have a productive New Year, and, after a long fundraising season, making sure staff members have time for themselves is essential to ensuring this.

Wellness is not only being free from illness but takes into account all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing. In order to ensure that your staff is totally healthy and ready to take on 2019, form a wellness committee to create initiatives for a healthy workplace. The committee can spearhead things such as start a weekly yoga day or designate a room for meditation.

In addition, being sure that mental health resources are available and non-stigmatized for your employees is essential. Working in nonprofits, especially ones that provide services for individuals in need is important work, but it can take a toll on our own mental wellbeing. Being sure to provide services to ensure your employees are feeling well is essential for a productive 2019 and just makes you an awesome employer. 


Celebrate Whenever Possible


Everyone needs a break from work at some point during the day and what better way than with a staff party? Make sure to celebrate your organization’s anniversary, staff birthdays, and exciting accomplishments.

Start off by celebrating your end of the year fundraising success! Your staff worked hard and should be congratulated for all they did. Acknowledging all their hard work in a fun way creates momentum to carry over into 2019.


4-1.pngGet Employee Input

While you don’t want to dwell on 2018 too much, briefly survey your employees about what worked and what didn’t last year. Make a conscious effort to implement some of the suggestions your staff makes (more coffee is never bad). However, take into account larger changes they suggest as well. Your line staff know what is working and what isn't. By taking the time to implement real systemic change shows  that you listen to the members of your staff and value their input. It will also ensure that they are excited to see their ideas in action in 2019.


Set an Example


Energy is transferable. When someone is exuding a tired energy, others are likely to pick up on that and people are looking to you for guidance as their manager. Take care of yourself so that you can radiate the energy that your staff needs for the New Year. If their leaders have the stamina to move forward with positivity, they will draw upon this energy and apply it to their own work lives. I am talking about a mental health day every once in a while. Taking a day off on every so often to recharge will allow you to be more present at work for yourself and your employees. 


Reorganize the office  


People find new energy in reorganized spaces so Feng Shui your office up! Give your staff a day to clear out the unnecessary and reorder their things. If possible, bring in some new office supplies or furniture to help spruce things up but make sure staff gets rid of at least one thing before adding another. A cluttered office can be an unproductive place and you want to avoid that this year. Take it from tidying sensation Marie Kondo and her tips for a decluttered desk!


Free snacks or lunch for the month5-3.png

Reward your staff’s hard work with free food this month but remember those New Year’s resolutions. If a large portion of your staff is trying to eat healthier, then show you are listening by ordering a lunch with fresh and healthy options. Even better, include a question on your staff survey about staff’s favorite places for lunch and order from one of them.


After the holidays, you and your staff can be drained. Avoid this post-holiday slump by applying some of these ideas to your office and your staff will thank you by refocusing and getting 2019 started on the right foot!  

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions. We love hearing from you! 

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Emma Wolfe

Emma Wolfe

Emma Wolfe is the Content Marketing Growth Manager at Elevation, a full-service nonprofit web design agency. Emma has been involved in the nonprofit world for years working at multiple NGOs located both in the United States and abroad. Her experience ranges from refugee occupation counseling to empowerment programs for youth in West Africa. When she isn’t traveling Emma loves doing yoga and trying new food.

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